Purandara Sangeetotsava

Sri Krishna Vrundavana of North Carolina will be dedicating a day of Sangeeta Seva to Lord Sri Krishna by joining hands with several Indian music schools of the region. Our intent is to allow maximum number of students of music to perform seva on this day under the guidance of their respective Guru (teachers).

Tentative Schedule: (subjected to change)

  1. 08:00AM-09:00AM Procession and invocation
  2. 09:00AM-10:00AM Goshthi gaana   Ghosti Gaana Info
  3. 10:00AM-01:00PM – Segment 1 of School Performances
  4.  Lunch Break
  5.  01:30PM-04:30PM – Segment 2 of School performances
  6.   Break
  7.  05:00PM-08:00PM -Prime time performance by renowned artists

Current year Event Committee Contact committee

  • Sri Ravi Gooty
  • Smt. Akhila Mahishi
  • Smt. Gowri Srinivas
  • Sri Srinidhi Bapu