Future Home Project


श्रद्धया देयम् । अश्रद्धयाऽदेयम् । श्रिया देयम् ।

ह्रिया देयम् । भिया देयम् । संविदा देयम् 


With the blessings and guidance from 1008 Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji of Udupi, our temple Sri Krishna Vrundavana of North Carolina is looking for a permanent home. We are looking for a building of 5000+ sqft with 4 acre lot for parking and future expansion. We are raising money on behalf of Sujnana Religious and Charitable Foundation, the registered non-profit, parent organization of Sri Krishna Vrundavana Temples in North America. Any donation will help the cause. Thanks in advance for your pledge.

May Bhagavan Sri Krishna, Mukhyaprana and Guru Rayaru bless you all.

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