Volunteering Opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities for volunteering at Sri Krishna Vrundavana.

Volunteers who are good at making garlands make them for the deities as needed. Volunteers are needed to help cut vegetables, clean pooja and kitchen utensils, the kitchen and dining area and the temple prayer halls. Volunteers also help  box and distribute Prasadam. Volunteers are needed to provide transportation for temple staff and guests occasionally.

For Events: 

Volunteers are key to the success of any event. There are different groups of activities needing help.

  • The marketing team: works on preparing and publishing brochures, newsletters, collecting photos and videos for publication, website maintenance, writing articles or blogs about the event. 
  • Prasadam Pre-processing Team: Prior to the event, team works on preparing for vegetable, fruits, groceries needed, by managing spreadsheets and tracking what is donated. Day before the event, team also helps with sorting, cleaning, cutting and assisting with the Chef for the preparation of prasadam. Volunteers are needed for medium to large scale special events.
  • Kitchen Team: Team of skilled people who can assist the Chef in preparing prasadam in large scale.
  • Prasadam Distribution Team: Team helps with planning and execution of distribution of prasadam during special events. Prasadam distribtion may include, serving on plates or plantain leaves, boxed meals or buffet meals. Volunteers are needed on all special events at the temple.
  • The Decoration team: Helps with the decor of the stage and the temple before the event. It may involve making garlands, putting rangoli and other decorations as needed.
  • The Audio-Visual Team: organizes the audio and video for the event. Sometimes the events are shown live on the Internet.
  • The Cleanliness and Up-keep team: Clean temple is essential for prayer services, hence, this is very special seva to Janardhana. Volunteers help with maintaining a clean floor before and after an event, setting up furniture etc.
  • The Front-Desk:  The team greets visitors explains the event and is responsible for answering all questions. The Volunteers list, emergency phone numbers are all maintained at this desk. Credit card transactions, checks and cash transactions are done at this desk.
  • The Religious Activities team: They work with the Priest ahead of the event to plan the step-by-step ceremonies. On the day of the event, participate and help the priests with the religious activities for the event. They are responsible for the smooth running of the religious ceremonies.
  • The Cultural Activities team: They are Artists, Musicians, Dancers who like to organize events at the temple or for the temple. They are responsible for making a team of artists to plan, coordinate and conduct an event with logistical support from other temple volunteers.
  • Transportation and Logistics: Temple occasionally needs volunteers to bring groceries, to provide transportation to priests and guests. Please indicate if you have a van, if you have flexibility during weekdays or weekends.

Volunteers are always welcome. If you are interested in volunteering, please submit your information. 

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