बहूनि धर्मजालानि सापायानि कलौ युगे। हरिस्तुतिश्चान्नदानं निरपायमिदद्वयम् 

”BahOni dharma jAlAni sApAyAni kalouyugE
Haristutishca annadAnAni nirapAyamidadwayam”



In this Kaliyuga, without formal education and proper know-how, it is difficult to perform various religious rites, which are too many. However, there are two simple, straightforward rites that can be performed by anyone o without fearing ill-effects, one is “Remembering the God” and the other is “Annadana” meaning offering food to the hungry beings. Annadana is considered even above “Vidyadana” i.e. teaching, for the reason that hungry ones need to be fed first. Annadana is also a very noble way to honor those who dedicate themselves to social causes.

Udupi Shri Krishna is praised as Annabrahma. Annadana is one of the daily rituals performed at Udupi temple for centuries. Continuing that great tradition, Sri Swamiji of Puttige Matha has mandated annadana at all Shri Krishna Vrundavana temples in USA to be carried out in addition to their daily rituals of worships, and Vedic knowledge sharing.

Our devotees may take part in this ongoing annadana by contributing monetarily. Please consider making a donation towards grocery sponsorship.


PS: If you would like to bring any groceries/vegetables in-person, please contact the Temple @ 919-473-3350!

May Shri Krishna bless all!

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