Ghosti Gaana Info

Purandara Sangeetotsava


“Goshti Gaana” or “Goshti Gayana”means congregation singing, as an invocation and salutation to the great composer or the poet on the Aradhana day of the composer.

Groups of senior and junior artists join together along with all the music performers, like instrumentalist and vocalists alike to sing the main compositions of the composer, which are the fundamental compositions of carnatic classical music. These compositions are called Navaratna Malikas and Pancharatna Krutis presented in sangeet aradhane and this tradition is one that dates back many years, and is followed by many to celebrate the aradhane festival of the great composers. On this aradhane day we offer his own compositions, Pillari geete and  selected Navaratna Maalika kritis to the Sangeeta Pitamaha Shri Purandara Dasaru.

Ghosti Gaana Kritis and sequence