The eclipse time is called as ‘ Punya Kala’ ( most sacred time)

What to do (As per our ancient scriptures)

    • • It is suggested to take bath ( Punya Snaana) at the beginning of this eclipse
    • • Snaana (Bath) is must for all, after the end of this Chandra GrahaNa.
    • • Fasting is insisted by our scriptures for ‘this eclipse’ from 9 hours before the eclipse begins. ( 3 hours for very sick and babies)
    • • Fasting has to be continued until 6:46am on Tuesday, Nov 8th) followed by Bath, Cooking, Pooja and Naivedya.
    • • Any ‘daana’ or ‘Punya – Karma’ ‘Samkalpa’ done with full faith in this period yields immense ‘Phala’
    • • ‘Eclipse time’ is considered as most ‘fruitful’ time for any Japa, Parayana and Tarpana.
    • • We have to wash the clothes, etc touched/used through the ellipse. (wash- at the end of this eclipse but before the Snaana )

Not to do

    • • Do not keep any food (except milk / yogurt) through the ellipse.
    • • We may keep Dharbhe or Tila on ghee, milk etc. To keep the purity.
    • • Do not sleep, eat, drink, and use restrooms during the eclipse. (Excluding babies, very sick…..)

GrahaNa Dosha (astrological effect of the eclipse)

    • • This eclipse will take place in ‘Bharani Nakshatra’ – ‘Mesha Rashi’
    • • It will also affect following Rashi-s : Vrishabha, Kanya, Vruschika and Meena
    • • People who born in above rashi-s and lives in eclipse visible area are required to do remedies.
    • • Grahana Dosha is just indicating the ‘karma’ of our previous lives and insisting us to do more Punya to avoid its negative effect. So, no fear.
    • • Let’s take this opportunity to do more Sat-karma , please Almighty and be happy J

Dosha Parihaara (Remedies) (During or after (any day) the Grahana)

    • • Chanting Vishnu Sahasra Nama , Rudra and Vayustuti
    • • Chanting the Prayers on Narasimha, Shiva, Ganesha and Navagraha
    • • Daana – Anna Daana
    • • Rudraabhisheka , Navagraha / Mrutyunjaya Homa
    • • Shiva Panchakshari / Narasimha Mantra Japa

Per Hindu astrology, this eclipse has relatively more impacts to those born in :

      • Grahana Sparsha on:Bharani Nakshatra-Mesha Rashi
        Also has impacts on these Stars and Rashis: Ashwini, Krittika,Rohini, Mrigashira,Pubba,P.shada Nakshatra; Mesha,Vrishabha,Kanya Vrishchika and Meena Rashi.