Per our sacred texts, eclipse time is considered “Punya Kala” (auspicious time)

  • Bath is suggested at the beginning and at the end of this period. At least, a bath at the end of an eclipse is must.
  • Fasting 9 hours prior to the beginning of the eclipse.
  • Eclipse time supports heightened alert, hence, to make the best, spend the time with meditation or studies.
  • Any punya karma, (good deeds) or ’daana’ (charity)  done during this period has higher yields.
  • Avoid storing cooked food through the eclipse period. Food if has to be stored, need to be covered with Kusha grass. (Tulasi can be substitute).
  • Per Hindu astrology, this eclipse has relatively more impacts to those born in :
    • Grahana Sparsha on: Krittika Nakshatra-Vrishabha Rashi  
      Also has impacts on these Stars and Rashis:  Krittika, Rohini, Mrigashira Nakshatra; Tula and Dhanu Rashi