The eclipse time is called as ‘ Punya Kala’ ( most sacred time)

GrahaNa Dosha (astrological effect of the eclipse)
This eclipse will take place in ‘Revati Nakshatra’ – ‘Meena  Rashi’
It will also affect following Rashi-s : Kumbha, Meena, Simha and Tula.

What to do (As per our ancient scriptures)

It is suggested to take bath ( Punya Snaana) at the beginning of this eclipse AND after the end.
Fasting is insisted by our scriptures for this eclipse from previous night.
Fasting has to be continued until THE END of eclipse followed by bath, cooking, “Pooja and Naivedya”.
Any ‘daana’ or ‘Punya – Karma’ ‘Samkalpa’ done with full faith in this period yields immense results ‘Phala’
Eclipse time is considered as most fruitful time for any “Japa, Tapa, Parayana and Tarpana.”

It is recommended to wash the clothes, items exposed/used during the ellipse. (wash- at the end of this eclipse but before the bath )

What Not to do
Do not keep any food (except milk / yogurt) through the eclipse.
We may cover “Kusha/Dharbha” (sacred grass) or “Tila” (til seeds) on ghee, milk etc.
Do not sleep, eat, drink during the eclipse. (Excluding babies, and those with medical reasons.)

Dosha Parihaara (Remedies) (During or after the eclipse)

  • Chanting Vishnu Sahasra Nama , Rudra and Vayustuti
  • Chanting the Prayers on Narasimha, Shiva, Ganesha and Navagraha
  • Daana to Temples or to Acharyas