Purandhara Aradhana

Please note: Registration is closed now.

Guidelines for music & dance

  • Age groups: 1) Kids under 13 2) Youth 13-18 3) Adults
  • A Group of 2 or more is a must.  
  • One person can be part of more than one group.
  • Group can be all vocalists, all instruments, all dancers or the group can be any combination of vocalists, instrumentalists and dancers.
  • SKVNC will not be providing any instrumentalist support. You will have to make your own arrangement.
  • Performances should not exceed 6 mins.
  • Each group can only get a one-time slot, the intent is to have more groups participate
  • Dance groups have to provide an audio file for their dances.
  • The suggested minimal donation is a nominal $10 per person – all proceeds will to go temple Sri Krishna Vrundavana., Participant fee is paid only once, regardless of the number of groups a participant is performing in.
  • Goshthi Gaana registration is required and only for communication purposes, no suggested donation to participate in this open forum event.
  • We strongly encourage the performances should be around Dasa sahitya (Dasa Literature) for this event.   
  • * Limited slots available – will be filled first come first serve basis. Please register early to reserve your slots. *

Event Format

  1. Invocation
  2. Goshthi gaana  (registration required – no fee) Ghosti Gaana Info
  3. Group performances
  4. Sangeetha Seva by renowned artists
  5. Managalam  

Current year Event Committee Contact PDA committee

  • Smt. Akhila Mahishi
  • Smt. Gowri Srinivas
  • Sri Ravi Gooty